Photos from the bios parts 1-3 by Jeffrey Pawlan

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The overland trip from London to India

This is the bus that I wrote about. Note the very small window openings.

The bread baker of Mashad, Iran. This is one of my favorite photos.

Herat, Afghanistan. This musician is playing the rebab which is the direct predecessor of the Indian sarod.

Kabul, Afghanistan. This is a folk instrument called the grechuk.
From the shape of the neck, it clearly derived from the Persian classical instrument Kimanche. It is a cousin to the Indian sarangi.

Ustad Sabri Khan

This is the sarangi master musician Ustad Sabri Khan (performing in my home in San Jose 1992)


(back) Sabri's wife and her children in the open courtyard.
The traditional bed is called a charpai.

Here are just some of the four generations living together in the two rooms and open courtyard.

This traditional ceremony of tying a colored thread around a student's wrist binds the student to the guru.

After the thread tying ceremony (shagart), a feast is served.

I am standing on the right next to Sabri and two of his friends.

Contemplating the Taj


I am playing the koto in Japan


I am testing the COSPAS/SARSAT ground station with the Russian satellite signal.

Bio part 3: Spiritual and healing teachers

"Lady Doctor" Lapsang Dolma and her husband in Dharmsala, India.

Shemsaddin Ahmed and Ursula Greville

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