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This webpage has been updated on Sept. 10, 2012.

class 63

News and Notices


We are planning our 50th reunion in 2013. Please contact us immediately by email below and send us your name (then and now), complete address, phone numbers, and email address so we can update our records. Cindy Gold Parker is the volunteer collecting classmate information.
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Reunion Planning:
The next 50th Reunion Committee meeting will meet on Oct. 3. If you are a classmate and interested in participating, please contact Fred Crandall
click here to mail Fred Crandall

Current Photos

We can put up to five current photos from every classmate on this website.
So please send your digital photo(s) to Jeffrey Pawlan via email. The detailed instructions are on our email list server.
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We have a BHHS Class of 63 private email listserver (sends emails to only classmates of BHHS '63) and many people are elated to hear from their old friends.

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