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BHHS 1963 Documents and Activities

View or print the Spring 1963 Norman Guide Supplement

Contains the names of the administrative staff, all ASB officers, committees and our dress code
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View or print the Spring 1963 Yearbook (Watchtower) Senior Photos

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a pen and ink cartoon drawn by Jeff Gault in Reuben's 1963 yearbook

the Highlights

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a few BHHS Photos

  • Robert Perlberg and Ken Riemer
  • Ken Riemer and Pepper Salter at the Squires Dance, Feb. 63
  • Ken Riemer and Pepper, wallet photo, 1962
  • Hawk Koch
  • Hawk and friends
  • Ken Riemer, Pepper, David Ansen, and Joanne Wald, 1963
  • Joann Fineberg, 1962
  • 1961 Pigskin Prom photo of Paul Steinbaum and Sandy Melvin
  • the Fall semester student body officers: Patti Tyre, Doug Freeman, and David London
  • Patti Tyre's sweet 16 party: (Back) Vicki Rothberg, Patti, Sandy Melvin; (middle) Jeff Caren, Carol Miller; (front) Paul Steinbaum, Margo Fields, KathiSanger, Leon Owens
  • Julie Crandall and Joan Burnham on jeep
  • John Hoag, Lucy Shlaes, Joan Burnham, Winnie Laszlo
  • Mr Lynch's honors chemistry class: Melinda Lehrer, Jeffrey Pawlan, class of '64: Eliot Porter, Mark Green, Kim Grossman, Geoff Greenfield, Steve Willson, Randy Blotky, Tom Morton, and others.
  • Mr Lynch
  • Julie Freeman and Joanne Wald, Summer 1962 in the Grand Tetons
  • Party at the Cocoanut Grove May, 1961: Ruth Ellen Kaye, Steve Weisman, Steve Roach, Julie Freeman, Lee Bartlett, Marti Lapidus, Jon Fink, Mildred Laurie
  • Pepper Salter and "The Box"
  • Summer Spanish Group taken in a flamenco cave in Granada, Spain 1962: Vicki Bard, Judy Carr, Victor Seine, Richard Morris, Rosa Lucas, Ricki Frankenstein, Shiela Goodman
  • Jim Lindheim's Mom's 55 Chevy is left to right Pepper Salter, Jim Lindheim and Julie Grosbayne
  • The 51 Chevy that I believe was called the Bomb or the Box. Note you can clearly see Freezie, Chuck Zukor and Leon's names and I think Chuck Weiner's on the hood! The top became an open air "convertible"

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